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About Me

My education and certifications
  • Juris Doctoris (Doctor of Law)
    Washington University School of Law

  • Bachelor of Arts (Music)
    Columbia College

  • Specialized Certifications:
    Teaching Business English
    Teaching English Grammar
    Teaching TOEFL Preparation
    Oxford Seminars 

  • Certification:
    Teaching English as a Second Language
    Oxford Seminars 

  • Certification:
    Civil Law Mediator
    Florida Supreme Court

  • Certification:
    Export/Import Certificate (EIC)
    International Chamber of Commerce

  • Certification:
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
    Stanford University

Expert English Language Coach and Trainer with 20 Years Experience

Who I am

My name is Stephanie Morris and I’m an educator, coach, attorney, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in teaching and training. I have a uniquely diverse set of skills that includes a solid background in working with people from many different cultural backgrounds. I have, in fact, taught English to people from more than 90 different countries. I have designed and delivered effective corporate English language training as well as general English for all levels and ages. I have also taught academic English at the university level and supervised dissertations for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. My executive training focuses on communication, pronunciation, and presentation skills.  I am certified to teach English as a second language, with specialty certifications in business English, grammar, and TOEFL preparation. My background as a courtroom attorney, when I owned and operated a multi-location civil practice throughout the State of California, gave me the knowledge and confidence to transfer my public speaking and presentation skills into dynamic teaching and training delivery techniques that are especially suited to motivated and serious learners.


Why I do this

I have a varied background and people often ask why I choose to be an English language coach. I have designed and run many of my own businesses over the years, including language schools, law practices, mortgage and business brokerages, a day spa, and an international trading company. Part of my job as an attorney was aiding in the start-up of my clients’ new companies and I had many first-hand experiences observing the successes and failures of talented, ambitious, and energized business professionals. My practice was located in a large multi-national city. It wasn’t unusual for highly motivated people to fail in their pursuits while they struggled with English language proficiency. I witnessed how their lack of confidence spilled over and affected their ability to move forward. It was painful when their dreams were defeated, and I wanted to help. I chose to transition from practicing law to teaching English. Personally, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


One of the reasons I enjoy helping people who are struggling with their English is because I know what it feels like to be passionate about my work. I also know what it feels like to be on the verge of taking a chance but feeling unsure about the outcome. I was a practicing attorney for many years before I took a massive leap of faith and not only made a career change but also left my home country in search of my own dreams. It wasn’t until I made the final move from the practice of law into full-time teaching and training abroad that I knew I had found my calling. I love what I do, and I find it extremely gratifying to be of use to others who also want to love what they do every day. Career advancement and transitions demand higher skillsets, however, and since English is the dominant language in the business world, it's practically a survival mechanism. If you need to improve your business English language skills to move on and up, that’s something I can easily understand and help you accomplish.


My guiding values

I treat my clients the same way I would expect to be treated if I were in their position. I have a strong work ethic, a deeply rooted sense of respect for others, and the courage to stand up for them. I will be your biggest fan. It’s the way I was brought up and I am deeply thankful to my family for instilling those values in me.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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