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Course Reviews

The following comments were received in anonymous surveys completed at the end of some of my group courses.

Stephanie is very engaging and interacting. She makes learning fun and interesting. She’s always prepared and responds quickly with feedback.


It was perfect. I'm so interested that I don't want this course to be finished.


Stephanie, as always, provided a great level of attention and detail towards her clients, as well as the structure of the course. The conversational method in which information was communicated not only sparks interest in the subject matter, but also consistently engages her clients.


Stephanie has the ability to make students relate to the course material.


The instructor herself, Dr. Stephanie Morris, is an amazing instructor and person. She always makes the sessions interesting and memorable. I enjoy her courses so much.

I think the best thing about having Dr. Stephanie as instructor is that her students feel so comfortable with her. She is always patient and it really gives you a confident feeling and it really helps in learning.

Dear Dr. Stephanie, I have had the pleasure of you teaching me several courses. It was a great pleasure to attend your sessions and have you as an instructor. I really learned lots of wonderful and important useful things in your courses and I’m sure they will have many positive impacts in my personal and business life.

Dr. Stephanie knows how to make difficult information easy to understand.

The instructor is well prepared, and you can use the material every day of your life.

The delivery of Stephanie’s course was very professional.

Stephanie is an amazing instructor who is able to relate our interests with the subject matter and content.

Stephanie uses real life examples to make the speaking and presenting clearer and more understandable.

Stephanie provided the learning material in a creative and innovative manner.

The best thing about this course is Stephanie - best instructor. The way Stephanie teaches is the best course that I've ever taken.

Stephanie relates the material we cover to relevant and interesting real-life examples. She is always keen to further explain anything I do not understand.

Stephanie’s course is at the top level!

Stephanie’s course is perfectly prepared.

Stephanie allows you to think creatively and have no limit.

Unique to any other course.


Stephanie allows you to be you, to identify your strengths and be proud of them.

Stephanie’s course was very creative. I got a chance to reflect my personal opinions as creatively as I wanted and felt free to express myself with confidence.


Stephanie’s course was delivered amazingly and I enjoyed it a lot.


Stephanie encourages you to think outside the box.


Stephanie promotes hands-on thinking.


That there were practical things that we practiced and it helped me understand more.


Stephanie will help you emphasize critical thinking, confidence and personal development.


Stephanie will get you out of your comfort zone and help you think about your real self.


I liked the creative thinking and loved the instructor.


Stephanie is courageous!

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