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My Programs

I offer my clients customized training with detailed attention to their different needs. The individual design of each of my programs is rare in the world of advanced language training. I aim to tailor the content to meet the requirements of accomplished business professionals who are on track for success in their fields but are concerned by their lack of English language skills. Each of my clients is unique and deserves to receive specialized training designed to guide them with their career progression.


My language programs are designed to strengthen business communication, pronunciation, and presentation skills for intermediate and advanced learners.  I deliver synchronous (live; in real time) online sessions via Zoom. During our time together, we work on building your business vocabulary and grammatical skills, enhancing the accuracy of your pronunciation, improving your communication effectiveness so that you can better express yourself in English, and sharpening your presentation skills so you feel comfortable and confident speaking up in meetings and presenting in English.
The best way for me to design a program best suited to you is for us to meet online for a complimentary consultation. That way I can determine your level and learn about your goals and preferences.

What Can I Do For You? 

Everyone has their own unique needs. Here are just some of the options available for us to cover in our sessions together. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, let me know. All of my programs are custom designed for you so there is a lot of room for flexibility.

⦁    Communicate Naturally and Professionally in English
⦁    Use Advanced Vocabulary to Communicate More Fluently
⦁    Boost Your Grammatical Skills
⦁    Communicate Confidently and Fluently During Meetings and Calls
⦁    Speak English like a Native, Using Stress and Intonation
⦁    Pronounce English Vowel and Consonant Sounds Like a Native Speaker
⦁    Use Linking and the Features of Connected Speech to Speak English More Clearly
⦁    Recognize the Difference Between Formal and Informal Speech
⦁    Write Professional Emails that Leave an Excellent Impression
⦁    Understand the Key Components of an Engaging Presentation
⦁    Overcome Presentation Anxiety and Use Confident Body Language
⦁    Strengthen Your Public Speaking Skills
⦁    Write and Deliver a Keynote Speech or Address
⦁    Understand the Culture and Protocol of an English Language Workplace
⦁    Fine-tune Your Rhetorical Skills

Pricing Plans
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