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English Language Coach and Trainer

Helping business professionals improve their job performance and accelerate career progression by advancing their communication, pronunciation, and presentation skills in English.

Stephanie Morris, J.D.

Stephanie Morris, J.D.

My name is Stephanie Morris and I’m an educator, coach, attorney, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in teaching and training. I have a uniquely diverse set of skills that includes a solid background in working with people from many different cultural backgrounds. I have, in fact, taught English to people from more than 90 different countries. I have designed and delivered effective corporate English language training as well as general English for all levels and ages. I have also taught academic English at the university level and supervised dissertations for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. My executive training focuses on communication, pronunciation, and presentation skills.  

Is This You?

 Is your English proficiency affecting your job performance? 

Do you feel uncomfortable because your colleagues or clients have difficulty understanding you when you speak in English? 

Do you lack confidence when using business English idioms, expressions, and phrases to express yourself? 

Do you struggle with the pronunciation of certain English letters because those sounds don't exist in your own language?

Do you feel challenged when you participate in meetings in English or write business emails?

You know you are passionate about your messages, but do you wonder if anyone remembers them? 

Are you concerned about what might happen if you don’t make some changes? 

I offer intermediate and advanced business English training and coaching, specifically tailored to your concerns. 
Individual, group, and corporate programs are available.
Click *here* to schedule a complimentary consultation via Zoom so I can learn more about you, what you wish to achieve, and how I can help you. All sessions are conducted online.


Where is English spoken?


  • It’s the most widely spoken language in the world, but most English speakers are non-native. Approximately 1.5 billion people speak English globally, but less than 400 million are native speakers.

  • It really is the international language of business and commerce.

  • It’s routinely spoken in 94 countries.

  • It’s the #1 language in use on the internet.

  • It’s the unofficial language of modern culture and comes in handy for sharing common experiences. 

  • It’s a commonly featured language in movies, TV series, and pop songs.

  • It’s reached the point where you’re practically expected to know some English. 

Ready to Learn More?

Engaging and Interacting

Dear Dr Stephanie, I have had the pleasure of you teaching me several courses. It was a great pleasure to attend your sessions and have you as an instructor. I really learned lots of wonderful and important useful things in your courses and I’m sure they will have many positive impacts in my personal and business life.

Anonymous Course Review


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